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toast /toust/ danh từ bánh mì nướngas warm as a toast (từ lóng) hoàn toàn định chiếm số phận ai rượu cồn từ nướng sưởi nóng (chân tay...) danh từ chén bát rượu chúc mừngto give a toast: chuốc rượu mừng, nâng ly chúc mừng bạn được nâng cốc chúc mừng ngoại hễ từ chuốc rượu mừng, nâng ly chúc mừng




Từ điển Collocation

toast noun

1 bread

ADJ. brown, white, wholemeal | dry | soggy

QUANT. piece, round, slice We"ll have another round of toast, please.

VERB + TOAST make making toast for breakfast | butter, spread buttered toast She ate two slices of toast spread with jam. | burn I can smell burnt toast.

PREP. on ~ For lunch we had cheese on toast.

2 drink

VERB + TOAST make, propose He raised his glass as if khổng lồ make a toast. | drink | respond to

PREP. ~ lớn The bridegroom ended his speech by proposing a toast to the hosts.

Từ điển WordNet


slices of bread that have been toasteda celebrity who receives much acclaim and attention

he was the toast of the town


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English Idioms Dictionary

in a lot of trouble, catch hell, history Ferris, if you drive your father"s Porsche, you"re toast.

File Extension Dictionary

Toast CD Image tệp tin (Sonic Solutions)

English Synonym & Antonym Dictionary

toasts|toasted|toastingsyn.: drink khổng lồ

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