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the process of removing dangerous or poisonous substances from the environment, or limiting the effect that they have on it:
remediation of sth The program supports local responses to chemical-spill emergencies, hazardous-waste disposal, and remediation of industrial sites.

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It is hoped that the remediation steps described above will be effective in addressing the company"s problems.
The findings have important implications for current remediation strategies aimed at capping asbestos-laden soils to prevent human exposure of the cancer-causing material.
Visit the stadium now và you"ll find construction workers engaged in an asbestos remediation project necessary no matter what the future holds.
Alternatively, it would need to vastly accelerate plans for a long-term remediation facility, currently scheduled khổng lồ come online in 2036.
Remediation efforts are ongoing, but local officials and environmental activists want higher cleanup standards lớn stop the spreading plume.
Given the history of failed federal remediation efforts, it is not reasonable lớn anticipate contamination will be confined lớn the surface.
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the idea that people who care only about themselves will be most likely to lớn succeed in a society or organization

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