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Urban guidelines need lớn be devised to ensure the area looks like part of the city, not a suburban office or industrial park.
Even though the industrial park where it"s located was supposed lớn guarantee full power, the factory often relies on a generator.
It phối up an enormous industrial park outside the city, replete with state-of-the-art telecommunications networks.
They excitedly described a $3 million plan khổng lồ clear mines from the base and turn it into an industrial park & airport.
Start by establishing a water-intensive industrial park around a major wastewater treatment facility that pumps out millions of gallons of treated water.
It"s mã sản phẩm was khổng lồ build industrial parks, shopping centers and apartment towers, then sell them off for a profit.
This was the only area where you can plan a new city, industrial parks, hospitals - it was a natural choice.
Thus, huge tracts of agricultural land are being lost lớn factories, residential areas, highways, railroads, industrial parks & golf courses.
Many migrate from poor rural areas in the central và northern provinces of the country lớn industrial parks in the south.
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