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Bài Viết: Allegation là gì

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allegation /,æle”geiʃn/ danh từ sự viện lý, sự viện lẽ luận điệu; lý để vin vào, cớ nhằm vin vào (thường không nên sự thật)



Từ điển Collocation

allegation noun

ADJ. damaging, serious | false, unfounded, unproven, unsubstantiated, untrue, wild | true The defendants in the libel case maintain that their allegations are true. | fresh, further, new There have been fresh allegations of atrocities. | widespread | corruption

VERB + ALLEGATION make, publish | retract, withdraw I advise you khổng lồ withdraw your allegation before I contact my lawyer. | be at the centre of, be confronted with, face the school at the centre of these allegations | deny, dismiss, dispute, reject | answer, counter, refute The minister has the right lớn answer specific allegations. He will need to counter allegations that he accepted money from criminals. | prove, support The committee found no evidence to tư vấn allegations of smuggling. | disprove It took over two months to disprove the allegation. | give rise to, lead to, prompt, provoke The sudden collapse of the business led lớn allegations of corrupt dea | examine, investigate, look into, probe (used in journalism) The governor of the prison is investigating allegations that a prisoner was attacked cùng beaten by a prison warder.

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PREP. amid/amidst ~ He has resigned amid corruption allegations. | ~ about/concerning allegations about the president”s private life | ~ against He has made certain allegations against the company.

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Bài Viết: Allegation là gì, nghĩa của từ allegation

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